ACDB DCDB Box is also as Alternative Current Distribution Box (ACDB) and Direct Current Distribution (DCDB). ACDB and DCDB both are an important component of Solar System. ACDB and DCDB are basically safety circuit boxes which prevent our appliances.


Solar ACDB & DCDB Boxes


ACDB is installed after the Solar Inverter but before connected load. While DCDB is installed between Solar Panel and Solar Inverter.


AC Distribution Box


The ACDB (Alternative Current Distribution Box) receives the AC power from the solar inverter and directs it to AC loads through the distribution board. ACDB is an important part of SPV system. It gives extra protection to the system in case of failures on load side. ACDB is made up of breaker, isolators, voltage and current monitoring etc.

AC Distribution Box

Solar ACDB Distribution Junction Box Diagram


Specification of ACDB Box


ACDB (alternative current distribution box) comes with many specifications. The specifications of ACDB may change as per load or inverter capacity. Its detailed specifications is mentioned below.

Ambient -10 to 60 Degree C
Type of Enclosure IP65 Polycarbonate Material
Inputs/Outputs Single Phase ACDB, 3 Phase DCDB
AC Switching MCCB/MCB Based AC Disconnection
Surge Protection AC SPD Type 2
Box / Top Cover Opaque/Transparent

Custom design is also possible as per customer requirement.


DC Distribution Box


DCDB box is a component of an electricity supply system which divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, which providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit. DCDB controls the DC power from solar panel and with having necessary surge protection device (SPD) and fuses. DCDB protect the solar panel, solar inverter and solar battery from any type of damage in solar system. All switches at the circuit breakers, connectors confirm to IEC 60947, part I, II and III.

DC Distribution Box

Array Junction Box DCDB Diagram


Specification of DCDB Box


DCDB also known as Array Junction Box (AJB). It has many features in it. You can check its detailed specifications below.

Ambient -10 to 60 Degree C
Type of Enclosure IP65 Polycarbonate Material
Inputs/Outputs 1 in 1Out, 2 in 2Out, 3 in 3Out, 4 in 4Out
DC Switching 600/1000/1500VDC Disconnection
Surge Protection DC SPD Type 2, Fuse with or without Indications
Box / Top Cover Opaque/Transparent

Specifications of DCDB may change as per solar panel or number of strings or as per site conditions.


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